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ORGANIC Umami Spice made from Shiitake / Smoked



This high-quality spice is your FREE sample / gift with orders of € 70 or more.

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    • VEGAN ORGANIC UMAMI spice is characterized by a unique and strong UMAMI taste that brings a new leap to your VEGGIE plate
    • It is made from 200 g fresh shiitake, dried naturally and mildly SMOKED.
    • The medicinal mushroom Shiitake as its main component is grown exclusively on organic straw and wood substrate.
    • Our on-farm production ensures maximum micronutrient formation in the fruit body of the shiitake and thus also in the UMAMI spice, which consists mainly of shiitake.
    • Not every type of shiitake is equally suitable for production. Our selection of varieties with the best taste and ingredients comes from the BIO-certified pool of varieties of the MushRoom Ressearch Center Austria (MRCA).