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ORGANIC "ORIENTAL" Medicinal Mushroom Crackers 120 g




“ORIENTAL SPICY” organic medicinal mushroom cracker is a self-made, high-quality farm product.

  • Characterized by its valuable and UNIQUE COMPOSITION: 3g of dried Shiitake medicinal mushroom (corresponds to approx. 30g of fresh medicinal mushroom), kamut, black cumin and hemp seeds, rye, emmer, natural spice mixture, as well as cold-pressed sunflower oil.
  • It has a spicy taste with a very light UMAMI note, which the Shiitake medicinal mushroom gives it.
  • The medicinal mushroom Shiitake comes from OWN FARM PRODUCTION with an optimal micronutrient environment, which is reflected in the fruiting body of the mushrooms.
  • The product contains gluten and may contain traces of soy, nuts and lupins.