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Turkey Tail (Coriolus v.) BIO Shellbroken* Powder / 40G / MOONAMAR



Due to the current amendment to the EU Novel Food Regulation, this product is no longer approved for human consumption and is labeled accordingly.

Turkey Tail Powder (Coriolus versicolor), 40g in organic quality / MOONAMAR

  • Ultra-finely ground with a special “SHELLBROKEN process” for GOOD BIOAVAILABILITY
  • It is the same powder with which capsules are filled. It is therefore suitable for anyone who is reluctant to swallow capsules and wants to ingest pure mushrooms without additional ingredients
  • Contains ALL the INGREDIENTS of the Turkey Tail
  • It can be mixed with lukewarm water or stirred into yoghurt, honey or natural juice.
  • ORGANIC, free of impurities, ALCOHOL-FREE, MADE IN AUSTRIA – substrates and mushrooms also come from strictly controlled Austrian organic cultivation.